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"Questions and Answers"


How can I book a taxi?
Call or send an Email

Can I reserve a ride?
The answer is Yes. Please give us the date, the time and the flight
number and we will be there for you.

Should I book my flight transfer?
The answer is Yes. We recommend it.
Give us please the flight date, the flight number and the time arrival
and you can be sure we will be waiting for you.
Even if there is a flight delay.

Is the order free of charge?
No. We only charge you the ride.

Ηow much time is needed to order a taxi?
You can get a taxi from us shortly. Usually one day is sufficient.
If you want to be sure and you have booked your flight then you can
secure even on the same day your taxi.

Can I cancel the reservation that I have already ordered?
The answer is Yes, at any time and of course without any costs.

Do you have a child? 
If so, please remember to inform us so as to carry a child
Sometimes luggage takes up very much space so we put the Child
seats only on request.
Please understand that we do not transfer children without a child seat.

How can I pay the taxi driver?
Quite normal, in cash after you have reached your destination.
We do not accept checks, credit card or debit card.


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